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Meet our project steering committee!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

A successful program is a meeting of brilliant minds. NZTAP is guided by industry experts and stakeholders in the form of our project steering committee. The steering committee advise and provide their expertise on all project matters. Here are the members:

· Alex Pizzitelli (Chair), Sorbara Group

· Steve Snider, Steve Snider Construction

· Johnathan Schickendanz, Farsight Homes

· Steven Parkes, Tamarack Homes

· Antonio Muto, Lakeview Homes

· Mahmood Akbari, Acorn Developments

· Steven Cornelius, Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada

· Howard Cohen, AMVIC Systems

· Salvatore Ciarlo, Owens Corning Canada

· Brian Cooke, AeroBarrier

· Sonny Pirotta, Panasonic Canada

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